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Thanks for coming and reaching to this article, here you get information about eCommerce Websites from Niche Scratch to a Definite Profit Earning Vertical, for your business or services. My name is Mohit Singla (Resume Link) and I have been running a small studio for web development in ludhiana since 2010. I have worked on more than 600+ websites for different different kinds of business, services, information sharing, management websites and non profit organizations.

After reading this article you will get information about eCommerce Business or eCommerce Website or eCommerce Portal

  • How to Start an eCommerce
  • How to Market an eCommerce
  • How to Maintain an eCommerce

I assure you one hundred percent that after reading this article no company, web developer and even a freelancer can misguide you, fooled you, cheat you or tell you the path or directions, which is not going that way, where you want to reach. So read it carefully, not in one go. Read it day by day as per you require. In this article I will also tell you how to select a web developer, IT company or software developer for your business.

I have seen so many organizations, companies or businesses struggling with eCommerce business. Many times on designing leveldevelopment levelhosting leveltechnical support and at last how to get visitors on the eCommerce website (Only then if they reach this level). While planning for an eCommerce website there are so many known and unknown hurdles and problems. I am writing this article, to give you the solutions to these hurdles or problems. 

There are more than 20 tasks which you have to achieve before starting an eCommerce Website. 

If you or your business is unorganized: Sorry this eCommerce business is not for you. eCommerce Websites need Pure Hard Work in a Smarter Way with Dream, Direction, Dedication and Discipline. These 4D’s should be in the same row as they have written.

So let’s talk about Dream, so many individuals and companies have the desire to own an eCommerce Websites (Because online products or services sell websites 24×7, which is not possible in the case of retail shops or public malls). 

Many of the users think after the eCommerce website their business and sales will increase, like my competitor or other big companies are doing. So the business owner or services provider starts calling website development companies and getting quotes or calling a web developer referred by a known person to do this task. 

“eCommerce Portal is a joke for 90.8% organizations, businesses or people. They think It will take some little bucks to develop an eCommerce Portal. They don’t have ready Product PhotosProduct DescriptionsProduct Prices and Variables and even not about us or other policies content, which is the minimum requirement to start an eCommerce Websites and from all Payment Gateways. So please get these minimum details first to develop an eCommerce Website.”

You select the quote according to your choice and start an eCommerce website. But after two or three months the eCommerce website development phase is over and nothing is happening. Your business is not growing and sales are not happening.  You change your developer. Even after two three months nothing is happening. Your business is not growing and sales charts are not increasing.

Some businesses make 4 to 5 websites to see the result of all different different web developers, marketers and planners. But even the leaf does not move. So what to do, what is the solution to this problem. While you are reading this article, you have never reached this article before. So take a deep breath and do not take any tension, burden or load on your mind or soul. Quick Web Works will help you here in this matter. You came to the right path

In the above given example I have just presented 1 single business example. I have presented the thinking and mindset of the eCommerce Owner. It’s not the list of the reasons why ecommerce fails or what are ecommerce mistakes. We will explain the topics below. Those who are willing to do eCommerce Business really seriously, they found this article very interesting and informative. 

Over 80% of eCommerce business fails, In India it’s more than 98%. After operating for more than 5+ years, Our big players like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are still in big loss in the indian ecommerce market. 

Due to heavy discounts and wrong marketing strategies. They are really in a big loss, which can not be covered even after 5 to 10 future years. With heavy discounts and wrong marketing strategies, they have changed the mindset of mass indian online buyers or eCommerce customers in India. I.e. I will buy only when getting a discount, because things are cheaper online. India is a value-sensitive market. This suggests that the sector’s margins are smaller than those of other major eCommerce markets. 

Acquisitions are constantly coming to India, with significant potential for the ecommerce sector. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian eCommerce market will be worth $200 billion by 2026. By listening or reading this every business is thinking about jumping into the ecommerce business.

In India there are 3 types of eCommerce Business that are floating. 

  1. Manufacturer or Company Owned eCommerce Selling Portal for their own products.
  2. Marketplaces like (Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal). It’s a platform for Merchant and Sellers both.
  3. eCommerce Business not a Marketplace or Not a Manufacturer. But owns a physical stock of the listed products in their warehouse on their live website. Myntra is one of the examples of this type of eCommerce Business.

Note: In this article we will cover only 1 Type of eCommerce Business.

So setting a profitable eCommerce Website in India is a Challenge. The Quick Web Works team loves to accept this kind of challenge. So we are here to help you and provide you the solution upto a profitable ecommerce website.

Now we move to our topic, start understanding eCommerce Business and Sell Online. As I said above, we will start from niche scratch. You can skip the topic, if you know.

There are 4 standard ways to start an eCommerce website.

  1. Freelancer or Company Made eCommerce Website
  2. Self Made eCommerce Website; By reading this kind of articles
  3. Use Readymade eCommerce Selling Portals like
  4. Making an eCommerce Website by any freelancer and company in supervision of eCommerce Experts like us.

First, Here I am explaining 2. Self Made eCommerce Websites

Second type is the cheapest way to start an eCommerce website. You just have to follow the steps as I am telling you. To start an eCommerce business you need an eCommerce Website

For a website you need a name called Domain Name. Domain name is the website address which a visitor entered in his browser to open your website for example like Here yahoo is a domain name and .com is an extension. You can register your domain name from or from any other domain services provider like and

I hope now you have understood the Domain Name meaning. In simple words who owns the domain name or domain panel, owns the company. How important it is to have domain panel access in your own hands. So always keep your domain in your own access. You can hire a web developer or IT company to develop an eCommerce website. But always keep your domain in your own access and Don’t trust anybody

Don’t hesitate to use Debit Cards in online transactions. Use a 100% safe banking system Neo Banking like for online transactions. After opening an account on you will get 1 to 5 Visa Cards for National and International transactions. 

But you are a lay man in this IT field and don’t know anything about domains or hosting. Don’t worry Hire Us we do all the online transactions for you. After booking a domain and hosting we will give the full super admin access in your hands. And If you are already running an eCommerce website and want to get access to your domain and hosting accounts. No problem Hire Us. You have to select the Business Support Package from our pricing page. We will select the best path for this task. We will transfer your domain and hosting in your company’s security. 

When you talk about eCommerce Websites a lot of things come to your mind. I am trying to answer all as listed below. Known topic readers can skip to the desired topic.

  1. What is Domain and Hosting?
  2. Where to buy a Domain and Hosting?
  3. What is an eCommerce Website?
  4. How to start an eCommerce Website?
  5. Which platform do I choose for an eCommerce Websites Self Hosted WordPress + WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento or Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix etc?
  6. Where to Host an eCommerce Website?
  7. What is the Starting Cost to Develop a Basic eCommerce Website?
  8. What is the maintenance cost of an eCommerce Website?
  9. Who many people or employees are needed for an eCommerce startup?
  10. Who to market an eCommerce Website or How to Get Visitors to an eCommerce Website?

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